Bridgette is a senior teacher and Sadhaka Yogi in the ISHTA lineage and has her 500hr E-RYT with YA. She specializes in Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga and Hormone Yoga Therapy, which she is 1 of 3 women, in all of Canada, to be certified in by Dinah Rodrigues.

Bridgette's yoga journey began in 1998 while at theatre conservatory in Chicago. Her studies began in the Iyengar style leading her to an apprenticeship in 2002 which then led to teaching.

In 2005 she took her first teacher training in the Anusara style in Chicago.

In 2008 she was living in NY and discovered ISHTA Yoga, which is where she found her yoga home. She received her 500hr RYT with Yogiraj Alan Finger and his senior teaching staff and has been studying with them for over 11 yrs.

ISHTA Yoga is the integrated science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda. ISHTA also means that which resonates with the individual spirit.

In June of 2019 she completed her training in Hormone Yoga Therapy after having life changing results from the practice and is now offering it in Canada and the US.

She has studied with Kofi Busia, Seane Corn, Martin and Jordan Kirk, Noah Mazé, Dana Moore, Sharon Salzberg, Krishna Das, Judith Lasater, and many others. She also worked with world renowned Ayurvedic Dr.'s Pratima Raishur and Dr. Pankaj Naram.