Hormone Yoga


Balance. Empowerment. Beauty.

Workshops and Refresher Classes

Monthly workshops offered over the course of 2 sessions. Total running time 7.5hrs.

1 refresher class is offered each month. 75 min session. Refresh, refine your practice, stay connected to our community, get inspired by each other’s stories, and support each other in practice and resources.


Workshops: $225+GST

Refresher Classes: $21+GST

What is Hormone Yoga

HY is a way to balance your hormones naturally and holistically.

It is based in science and physiology without the side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

HY is a set sequence of dynamic yoga postures, dynamic breathing techniques, Tibetan energy techniques, and yoga nidra.

The focus is specifically on the ovaries, thyroid, para-thyroids, hypophysis and adrenals. 

Hormone Yoga Therapy, HYT, was created by Dinah Rodrigues, a Brazilian psychologist and yoga therapist.

Check out Dinah Rodrigues, and her book, HERE.

Why is it different than other dynamic yoga practices? 

HY is put together using a specific sequence of dynamic yoga postures and strong abdominal breathing which stimulates and activates the glands through massage and compression. We then move the energy using Tibetan energy techniques and reinforce the physical work. The results aren’t the same if you skip some of the steps or exercises.

Who should practice HY?

Most Women over 35.

If you don’t have any symptoms, this practice may prevent them!

HY helps with:
PMS, Peri-menopause, premature menopause, some infertility issues, polycystic ovaries (PCOS), loss of menstruation, some forms of osteoporosis, incontinence or leaking, under-active thyroid, hair loss, dry skin, acne, brittle nails, carpal tunnel, prolapse, skin tags, body hair, hot flashes, genital dryness, sex drive, weight management, energy levels, sleep, feeling grounded, happiness, emotional stability, reactivity, clarity, confidence, strengthening your immune system and so much more.

How long does it take to practice?

It will take you approximately 30 minutes, 4-7 times a week, once you have learned the technique.

HY & Stress Reduction

Stress is a leading cause of disease and unhappiness and it also affects our hormones. There is an important component to HY that focuses on learning techniques for stress reduction. There are many practices of different lengths to suit your schedule.


Once you’ve taken the workshop, you can come watch our HY community grow and practice with those just learning and those who have been practicing for months. We will support each other in person and on our private FaceBook page.


*It is recommended that anyone taking this workshop consult their doctor and get their hormone levels tested and re-tested regularly to ensure this practice is, and continues to be, appropriate for them.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any of the below, please consult with you doctor before joining HY classes:

  • Breast cancer (hormone dependent, before or after surgery), after breast cancer surgery (not hormone dependent) - medical permission needed

  • Hormone related cancers

  • Pregnancy
    *You can practice after 6months of having the baby, with doctors permission.

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Advanced endometriosis (medical permission needed)

  • Psychiatric problems

  • Hyperthyroidism (there are modifications)

  • Large myomas (medical permission needed)

  • Non-diagnosed abdominal pain

  • After heart surgery (medical permission needed)

  • Women who had appendicitis and did not have the appendix removed

  • Serious osteoporosis (risk of fractures)

  • Labyrinthitis (inflammation of the inner ear) – Vertigo

  • Heart conditions (there are modifications)

  • Hypertension (there are modifications)

  • Glaucoma/Detached Retina (there are modifications)

  • Eye surgery

  • After any other surgeries

Additional Frequently Asked Questions For Workshop and Refresher Attendees

If you’re attending a workshop or refresher, please review the additional FAQ answers: HERE